Get SpecCheck for online specification checking

Take charge of your own software inspection by checking software computations in real time against your specifications. SpecChek by Instant Recall, Inc. tests specifications written by your engineers against the results produced by software you use, and reports any instance where the software fails to meet the specifications. More Info.

What does it take to produce correct software?

From the Turner Fairbank Highway Research Center Website: "What does it take to produce correct software? Why should we look at this subject area? Producing Correct Software, By: James Wentworth, Chief of the Advanced Research Team and Rodger Knaus of Instant Recall.

Validation of Expert Systems

Verification, Validation, and Evaluation of Expert Systems, an FHWA Handbook discussing how VV&E should be incorporated into the expert system lifecycle by James A Wentworth of the Federal Highway Administration, Rodger Knaus , and Hamid Aougab of Instant Recall.

OSHA announces $afety Pays

Tailor is used for $afety Pays, "interactive software developed by OSHA to help employers assess the impact of occupational injuries and illnesses". See OSHA News Release for more information.